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Our Heritage

The Beginnings

The month of July 1967 was very hot in Augusta, Georgia. The air-conditioning in the offices of Cranston and Associates on Cotton Lane was not working, and tempers grew short while the repairman worked. When the telephone rang, Craig Cranston answered the call of Ed Baldwin, a local competitor and principal of Baldwin Engineering Company, who suggested a meeting to discuss the two firms prospects and the possibility of merging the companies.

Cranston and Associates was a small engineering and surveying firm that had been formed in 1963 and was still experiencing growing pains in 1967. At that point the firm consisted of Craig Cranston as principal, along with two survey parties and one draftsman. Craig Cranston had formed his firm following a twelve-year career with the duPont Company at Savannah River Plant, and was fast making inroads in the Augusta marketplace.

Baldwin Engineering Company was one of the older engineering firms in Augusta, established by Ed Baldwin in 1952. The firm was primarily engaged in the land development field and had designed many of the upscale subdivisions in the Augusta area. Ed Baldwin had an excellent reputation as a planner and engineer, and his business acumen was considerably above average.

The two firms did merge, forming Baldwin & Cranston Associates, Inc. on July 31, 1967, with Baldwin as president and Cranston as Secretary/Treasurer. The merger proved beneficial, beginning a tradition of synergy among design professionals of varying talents. The practice broadened as opportunities for growth presented themselves.

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